What will you do if you run out of time?

What will you do if you run out of time?

What are your thoughts about life and time? Do they always come together? Or do they need to come together?

Running out of time especially when we are doing an activity gives an uncomfortable feeling which sometimes results in loneliness, pressure, anxiety, or panic. It gives a regretful feeling because we don’t use the given time for us to finish what we have to finish.

Life is a beautiful gift that we unbox each time we open our eyes after a few hours of sleep.

And time marks all the activities that we are doing and about to do in our daily lives. They often come together to bring the sweetness and spice that is needed to appreciate what we have, what we don’t have, what we aspire to be, what we failed to do etc.

This made me recall the movie “In Time”. This movie is such a beautiful story to reflect on. The movie is all about time which is considered an important thing used for their daily lives transaction. What will you do if you have a century of it? And what will you do if you only have an hour of it?

We often overlook how important our time here on Earth is. This is because of our desires, challenges, problems, busy schedules, activities, etc. And that we forget to thank life itself for its grace, for what it gave us, for what it made us.

Oftentimes, we feel like we want to rewind the lost time, the time we don’t make a person smile, the time we made someone cry or hurt, the time we felt sad, the time we didn’t enjoy, the time we were afraid, the time we felt envious, the time we aren’t courageous. We only have a limited time! And this limited time comes only once in a lifetime. There could only be one you and there could only be one me. So what’s left to do is to appreciate who you are, for what you can do, and for what you can’t do. Our imperfections make us unique, it drives us for what we should seek to do.

In time… Your sacrifices will be paid off, your patience will surely gain something good, and soon you can do the things you can’t do now!

Time can be an enemy to those who feel stuck in life. It can be a stress to those who are losing it. It can be a wish to those who are sick and have a terminal illness. It can be a sweet moment for those who waited for it. After all, it can always be our friend because it teaches us a lot in life.

Living the life that makes us happy is the key to making it beautiful and successful. People who are obsessed with having it all like material possessions or titles are found to be lonely, unsatisfied, and craving for more. Realizing they have missed a lot in life. They have missed appreciating a genuine talk, staring at pretty colorful clouds, feeling the awesome embrace brought by nature, doing what their hearts want them to do, and creating and saving memories with the ones they love.

So, do life and time always come together? They come together if we live each second of it. Do they need to come together? When your life ended, your time also ended. But, if you leave the world with something worth remembering? Your life continues…

And you’ll not be afraid when you run out of time!

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  1. ‘In time’, I loved this movie! It just left me awestruck!

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Yes, it’s indeed a good movie that can leave a meaningful message to anyone😊
      Thank you for dropping by 💞

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