People’s park in the sky Tagaytay City

The People's park in the sky at Tagaytay City.

After going to Picnic grove, we also went to People’s park in the sky. If you loved walking around, and don’t even mind being tired doing it, you might want to visit this place! It is located at Calamba Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite.

When entering the area from where you need to park your cars, you have to pay 20 Php, and going inside the gate you have to pay again 30 Php per head. After paying the entrance fee, (for environmental purposes), you can now walk going up to the People’s Park area.

If you aren’t the person who wants to walk because of some reason, you can still go up there by riding the Jeepney (it’s a vehicle that is popular in the Philippines) you just have to pay for a minimal fare.

What to do when in the People’s park in the sky?

  • Enjoy brisk walking and the view of nature.
  • Explore your mind on the things that you can see while walking.
  • Get to interact with other tourists.
  • Take photos for remembrance.
  • Buy some products sold by the locals of Tagaytay, this way you can help with their livelihood.

Going to the People’s park in the sky is a fun way of increasing your patience and leveling up as well your appreciation of nature. Going up is very hard especially when you are taking the long road just like in real life, but there is a fulfillment after all. And it’s all worth it!

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