Beautiful scenery near Pico de Loro Philippines

After dropping by the Kaybiang tunnel, we went to this nearby area where we captured these beautiful views. Clearwater, a peaceful environment, awesome land formations, and relaxing rays of the sun, just made this road trip as beautiful as we wanted it to be.

Mount Pico de Loro also known as the Mount Palay Palay in the province of Cavite is a part of Region IV-A Calabarzon, Luzon, Philippines. According to Wikipedia, the mountain is about 688 m above sea level. The highest peak of the mounts Palay Palay- Mataas na Gulod protected landscape.

The 300-meter-long Kaybiang Tunnel was opened in the year 2013, and it was said to be the longest road tunnel in the Philippines as of this time. It connects the places of Ternate Cavite and Nasugbu Batangas through the mountain of Pico de Loro, also known as Mount Palay Palay. This place was very popular with motorists, cyclists, and riders from the nearby cities or towns. It’s a great weekend getaway if you enjoy visiting different places and to see the beauty of nature.

The rays of the sun were so astonishing that it looks like a shadowing hope that enlightened nature!

There is a priceless joy just by looking at these outstanding green trees!

Sightseeing can help you achieve peace of mind because you’ve got to spend time with nature and in a new environment. It allows you to unwind from your daily life routine. It relaxes and calms your body and helps you to think creatively.

Going to the heart of nature once in a while would help you realize the importance of life.

This sweet escape from the city would teach you to slow down, appreciate the unappreciated, and love what is there.

The gift of nature is something that we have to treasure as we grow and mature!

Travel while you can! Explore while you are strong and capable. Save memories that will last a lifetime!

Traveling makes you happy because it redefines your meaning of life and how you view and appreciate all things around you.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any experience or something to share regarding nature, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

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  1. Tanooki says:

    Wow stunning scenery👀👍💕✨

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Thank you so much! 💞

  2. Mike U. says:

    I’ve never traveled to the Philippines but it looks like such a beautiful place. Wonderful photographs! 🙂

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Glad you like it!
      Yes, there are plenty of beautiful places in the Philippines that you can explore…
      Thank you for the appreciation ☺️

  3. Elizabeth Evans says:

    So serene and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! In the days we are experiencing now it has expanded our ability to enjoy seeing the world! One picture is worth a thousand words!

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Yes that’s true Elizabeth 💞
      Thank you so much for the appreciation 💌

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