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You are enough just as who you are!

You are enough, doesn’t mean that you are already perfect, whole, complete, grown, or developed. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need others already. But it means that you don’t need to be perfect, complete, grown, or developed to be accepted, appreciated, loved, or to be able to fit in. You don’t need to strive…

Importance of doing what we love and its contribution to our well-being

Time flies so fast, and as we grow older, we will come to realize the importance of doing the things that make us happy. And now is the perfect time to do whatever it is. Activities that we love like reading, writing, researching, singing, listening to music, dancing, biking, hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, gardening, arts,…

Things to give up to achieve peace of mind

This post will tackle about the things that you must be willing to give up to achieve a peaceful mind setting. Peace of mind is being able to have a healthy state of thinking, being able to live and stay calm in every situation, and being able to avoid worry, stress, and anxiety. Be willing…

Amazing health benefits of mango fruit and must try recipes

Mangoes are “the king of fruits” because of its sweet, delicious, fragrant smell when ripe and the various health benefits it contains that are very essential to our health. It’s a good snack that are practical alternative to junk foods and other unhealthy foods. Mangoes can be enjoyed on its own without additional seasonings. They…

Surprising health benefits of avocado and must try recipes

Avocado also called as “alligator pear” has a rich, creamy, and a mild flavor when fully ripe. This fruit is incredibly healthy and nutritious! That’s why it is used in many recipes including both sweet and savory dishes, such as salads, sandwiches, ice cream, milkshakes, and other desserts. Here are the health benefits of avocado…

Essential health benefits of bananas and must-try recipes

Bananas are very popular fresh fruits in the world, and are regarded as athletics’ favorites due to its energy boosting capability. Considered as perennial fruits because they are grown throughout the year and are easy to cultivate. Health benefits of bananas according to our health food source: Caloric dense fruit, energy giving food. A good…

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  2. The health benefits of volunteering
  3. Reasons why you should use a planner
  4. Spiritual well-being: What to check and how to say that you’re spiritually healthy?
  5. Social well-being: What to check and how to say that you are socially well?
  6. Mental or intellectual well-being: What to check and how to say that you are mentally healthy?
  7. Physical well-being: What to check and how to say that you are physically well?
  8. Emotional well-being: What to check and how to say that you are emotionally well?
  9. Ways on how to maintain our energy levels
  10. The health benefits of walking
  11. How to feel happier when you are sad?
  12. Self-care ideas that are helpful for women!
  13. Importance of doing what we love and its contribution to our well-being
  14. Home remedies for sore throat
  15. How to care for a sick child while at home?
  16. What are the health benefits of using a jumping rope as a form of exercise?
  17. Ways to stay healthy during holiday season.
  18. The essential contribution of an exercise in our overall health.
  19. The health benefits of having cats in the house!
  20. 3 Important activities that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
  21. Here are tips on how you can achieve a healthier body.
  22. Should the elderlies go for an exercise too?
  23. Health implications of your attitude.
  24. Are you in the stage of anxiety?
  25. Helpful tips on how to look younger than your actual age.
  26. Essential activities and self-care tips that you can do while at home.
  27. The importance of plants in our lives.
  28. Do you want to achieve your dreams or goals? Try this healthy mind setting tips!
  29. Why you should avoid the habit of skipping your breakfast?
  30. Health benefits of having a dog in the house

A good start to do better!

Some of us might be driven or controlled by many challenges, problems, and deadlines to do something. Too much pressure, worries, fear, anxiety and other negativities. Which sometimes we thought as a motivation, as a way we can improve, cope in life and develop, but we should not consider it just like that. Our life’s…

Helpful ways to simplify your life and achieve happiness

Hello! A sweet and blessed day to you! This post that you are about to read is all about the ways on how you can simplify your life to achieve the happiness that you ever wanted. We want a happy and a less stressful life, isn’t it? We have to simplify our life to achieve…

Top areas of your life that might need an improvement!

This post will help you recognize what are the parts of your life that needs changes and how you should handle it, for you to be able to reap the grace that you deserve in life! Improve your life skills Your life skills are your weapon to achieve what you wanted out of life. These…

  1. Tips to overcome self-doubt
  2. 8 tips to have a better conversation
  3. Why is it important to be selective with our words?
  4. How to boost your confidence as a mom?
  5. How to get involved and help the community where you live?
  6. Essential life lessons that you can learn from children
  7. Why rejections aren’t bad and what can you do if you are experiencing it?
  8. Just learn from it, a new journey won’t harm you!
  9. Important self-advices to ponder this year
  10. Examples of New Year’s resolutions and how to follow through them?
  11. Morning affirmations and why it is beneficial in our lives?
  12. Why does words from other people sometimes hurt us?
  13. What are the importance of expressing and accepting an opinion?
  14. Helpful ways to consider in planning your best year ahead
  15. Wonderful questions for you to know yourself better!
  16. Why do we compare ourselves, what are the dangers of it, and how to handle it?
  17. How to stop feeling insecure and build self-confidence?
  18. Where to find essential learnings in life?
  19. How to make a responsible decision?
  20. Self-awareness for maturity
  21. The benefits of loving yourself!
  22. Tips on how to respond appropriately
  23. Top areas of your life that might need an improvement!
  24. Helpful ways to simplify your life and achieve happiness
  25. Tasks that will help you achieve self-love
  26. Things to give up to achieve peace of mind
  27. Give time for yourself, self-care and self-love isn’t selfish
  28. Important step to gain your goal!
  29. A good start to do better!
  30. Never underestimate yourself!
  31. Helpful tips to make your day productive
  32. Six steps for a better you
  33. Helpful tips to consider in recognizing your passion

A quick realization about life!

After a brief visit to Luneta park, we’ve decided to go home because it’s already getting darker. As we pass by the road, we saw this beautiful view where some people dropped by and spent a few minutes of their time staring at it. A simple view of nature: Helps us to reduce stress, feeling…

The meaning of detours in our lives

I took this inspiring photo during our sightseeing at Pico de loro and Kaybiang tunnel. These are places where people love dropping by during weekends and holidays to view the nature around the area. We should be going to a beach during that day, but sadly, we weren’t able to do so because the beach…

Are you living a purposeful life?

Occasionally, we experienced feeling down because we felt like we are being left behind. Every so often we compare ourselves to other people who had already achieved a lot in life, but we have to take note that their road is different from what we are taking. Their goals, plans, and purpose in life are…

  1. Uplifting every woman is a mighty thing, here’s why!
  2. What will you do if you run out of time?
  3. Important roles of women in the family, community, and society
  4. What does it mean by the quote “If you are trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”?
  5. Why you should collect moments, not things?
  6. Enjoy the little things while it lasts
  7. The courage to change and to do better in time
  8. You are enough just as who you are!
  9. What does it mean when we say life begins after coffee?
  10. Give them their flowers while they are still alive!
  11. When to talk and when to keep silent?
  12. Why do some people that you know, sometimes will not support you?
  13. Tips to keep you connected with blogging!
  14. How to choose your topic in blogging?
  15. Is it worth doing? Sweet advice to fellow bloggers who are just starting out!
  16. The way we look into life really matters!
  17. Choose to view life positively!
  18. Do you consider yourself a good person?
  19. Just take it one day at a time
  20. Do you believe that you are a great creation?
  21. Are you living a purposeful life?
  22. Notes for every woman
  23. What are your summer notes to remember?
  24. The staple food and the skeletal force of agriculture
  25. What are you thankful for?
  26. Attract blessings by these friendly qoutes
  27. A wedding anniversary letter to hubby
  28. If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road
  29. The meaning of detours in our lives
  30. A quick realization about life!

A mother’s endless love

We really can’t explain a true mother’s love, until we experienced it by ourselves. Everything changes, our goals, and dreams aren’t just ours anymore! A selfless mother is a woman who can sacrifice, she is willing to give up her personal dreams just to see her child/children rise and shine! She can give you a…

A father’s endless love

If there is a mother’s endless love, there is also a father’s endless love. Because without the other you will not be around! Though there are a few differences when it comes to their roles as parents, one thing for sure is that they have the same love and affection for their children. A lovable…

Importance of shared values in a relationship

Values can define who you are, and a couple needs to share each other’s values in life to avoid resentment and disappointment later on. Values in life can motivate people to act according to what they believe. It may be about healthy living, communication, relationship, parenting, personality, religion, and lifestyle. Values guide human behavior, such…

  1. Ways in managing the house efficiently
  2. Ways to appreciate our elderlies and important lessons that we can learn from them
  3. Love is a life’s choice that you need to cherish each day
  4. Importance of shared values in a relationship
  5. How to have a good partner in life?
  6. A father’s endless love
  7. A mother’s endless love
  8. Tips to consider in achieving a happily ever after in married life
  9. How to keep a good relationship with your spouse until the end?
  10. The benefits of dating your husband or wife even if you’re already married
  11. Happy activities that could stimulate your relationship
  12. A happy wife makes a happy home
  13. How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship?
  14. How to deal with boredom in a relationship?
  15. Why is social connection very much important?
  16. Why should you respect a cesarean mom?
  17. What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?
  18. Ideas on how to feel and spend the spirit of Christmas
  19. Reasons why gift giving is a wonderful action to do?

How to help your children to become successful in life?

As a parent, what will be your feeling if you have children who are successful in life? Of course, you will be happy, isn’t it? Parenting is not an easy thing to do, but with all the love that you are willing to pour on it, surely you can handle it effectively. You cannot control…

Ways to balance your life and tips to enhance your parenting skills

As parents, it’s our responsibility to look after our children, take care of them, give their needs, provide their rights, nurture and raise them well. We have the role of offering them the support and encouragement that could help them to get into the activities that will enable them to complete their developmental tasks. And…

What are the dangers of forcing your children to achieve the best?

Are you that type of parent who loves seeing your children to achieve the best? Best score, the best attitude, best award, best in school etc.? We can’t hide the fact that as parents we want the best for our children because we think that it could make us good parents too, it’s very uncomfortable…

  1. Helpful ways to develop your children without pressuring them
  2. Dangers of putting too much pressure on children
  3. The benefits of playing blocks to children
  4. How to live peacefully as a parent?
  5. Ways to balance your life and tips to enhance your parenting skills
  6. Tips for making your three-year-old child happy on his birthday!
  7. The priceless moment of being a parent!
  8. 30 parenting mistakes that you should avoid!
  9. Tips when traveling with kids
  10. Birthday ideas for kids at home
  11. Effective ways to better deal with your toddler to avoid stressful moments
  12. Helpful tips on how to manage sibling rivalry and to promote good relationship among them
  13. What are the dangers of forcing your children to achieve the best?
  14. How to help your children to become successful in life?
  15. How to increase your child’s potential?
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling
  17. How to be a good teacher of your child at home
  18. Help your child to learn more through these easy tips
  19. Effective tips on good parenting and raising a child better
  20. Important tips to help each child grow as a happy adult

The Strawberry Farm in Baguio City, Philippines

The famous strawberry farm in Baguio City, Philippines is located in the town of La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines. Benguet State University owns and maintains the strawberry farm. The area is very spacious, and the ambiance is very calming. It’s a well-known strawberry farm in the Philippines where tourists go to see actual strawberry plants living…

The Kaybiang Tunnel in the Philippines

A tunnel is an artificial underground passage that was built through a hill, mountain, building, road, or river. It is usually used as a way to pass through. The 300-meter-long Kaybiang Tunnel was opened in the year 2013, and it was said to be the longest road tunnel in the Philippines as of this time….

Beautiful scenery near Pico de Loro Philippines

After dropping by the Kaybiang tunnel, we went to this nearby area where we captured these beautiful views. Clearwater, a peaceful environment, awesome land formations, and relaxing rays of the sun, just made this road trip as beautiful as we wanted it to be. Mount Pico de Loro also known as the Mount Palay Palay…

  1. Funnside Ningnangan in Kawit, Cavite
  2. Tagaytay weekend getaway: Where to go and stay for a quick visit?
  3. People’s park in the sky Tagaytay City
  4. The Picnic Grove in Tagaytay City
  5. The Magallanes Square Hotel in Tagaytay City
  6. The Memory Lane Country Diner in Tagaytay City
  7. Serene view at Sta. Ana Cagayan Philippines: Beautiful beach and stone formations
  8. The SM mall in Baguio City Philippines
  9. Priceless happiness we can get from nature
  10. Helpful tips for your road trips
  11. A beautiful scenery near Pico de Loro Philippines
  12. The wonderful Luneta Park and lessons you can definitely learn from Jose Rizal
  13. The Kaybiang Tunnel in the Philippines
  14. Exploring Baguio City, Philippines
  15. The Orchidarium in Baguio City, Philippines
  16. Mines View Park in Baguio City, Philippines
  17. Our Lady of Atonement in Baguio City, Philippines
  18. The Strawberry Farm in Baguio City, Philippines
  19. Burnham Park Baguio City, Philippines
  20. A fulfilling visit to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon Province PH
  21. Child’s request to visit Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon, PH
  22. Roaming around Venice Grand Canal in Taguig, Philippines
  23. A road trip to calming and refreshing Lipa City, Batangas
  24. Roaming around SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City
  25. A road trip to Mall of Asia at Pasay City, Philippines
  26. Nature’s beauty in Tagaytay
  27. A beautiful road trip to Tagaytay City, Philippines

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  2. The advantages and disadvantages of shopping online
  3. Passive income ideas that you can try to boost your earnings!
  4. How to become a successful business owner or a seller?
  5. 10 tips on how to save money while at home